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We were very fortunate in our area that an Site alteration application that had been submitted to our municipality was withdrawn before it went to council. However our work prior to the withdrawal opened eyes.

These projects are very poorly managed. There needs to be more public input and information put out.

Testing of the fill is very lax. We were told 1 in every 100 trucks was tested. Needs to be more thorough. Our own municipality after many letters and emails that I sent them realized the vast misconception and damage that could be done.

Someone needs to take control of this, the site that was applied for was right over a highly vulnerable aquifer. We contacted our local conservation authority, they didn't seem concerned and said it was a municipality thing.

I am glad it has come to a concern that the Ministry is finally address the seriousness of it. It was not hard to find news articles across the province that had issues.

I would suggest that this fill not be allowed to be put on Class 1,2.3,4 or 5 agricultural land.

Thank you .