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We find that the proposal, in general will be an improvement on the existing system. However, Brampton Brick Limited would like to offer the following comments for consideration. We are also a member of the Ontario Sand Stone and Gravel Association (OSSGA) and support their comments on the proposal as well.

- The existing definition for “Project Leader” in section 1 is vague. The definition states the person is responsible for making decisions, however it does not state whether the Project Leader has the authorization to legally bind a company or officer to those decisions. Both a company and the employee should be protected against negligence from the other party.
- Specifically in section 3, the regulation refers to “provincial officer”, this should be defined as it could mean several agencies and parties. There is reference to the Aggregate Resources Act in this section, the definition should be clarified.
- Pits and quarries should be not have their soils classified as originating from an industrial site. Also stated by OSSGA.
- Dewatering sediments should be exempt from the waste classification. Also stated by OSSGA.

Thanks, Lauren