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The goals and current projects all sound admirable, except for:

B. To provide more and faster route alternatives, we are:
• Completing route planning, preliminary design and environmental assessment work for the GTA West Highway and Transit Corridor, which will provide new connections and options, and redundancy in case of highway closures, between York, Peel and Halton Regions for both passengers and goods.
• Advancing engineering and environmental assessment work for the Bradford Bypass, a new four‐lane controlled access freeway that will connect two busy Ontario highways – Highway 400 and Highway 404 – in Simcoe County and the Region of York.

It seems that these two routes can only be integrated into the plan under “more and faster route alternatives”! In other words, these two routes are not going to support any of the goals, or respond to any of the concerns, this plan is trying to deal with. It’s an extra, so why is it being pushed ahead of the many, many, worthwhile projects that are designed to solve current and expected problems?