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The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario is transportation. So it is vital that the province offer alternatives to the gasoline-burning private automobile.

With this in mind, it is crucial that the province cancel Highway 413 (GTA West Corridor) and instead spend the money intended for the highway on electrified public transit and active transportation. This means quickly building more light rail in cities such as Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa. It means constructing bus rapid transit, with electric buses, in cities such as Brampton and Mississauga. It means rolling out physically-separated bike lanes in communities large and small across the province.

Building public transit is also an excellent way to create jobs. In fact much more employment is created through transit expansion than through road building. An April 2020 report from the World Resources Institute found “spending on public transportation creates 31 per cent more jobs per dollar spent than spending on new roads.”

If the province is serious about addressing the climate emergency, promoting public health, tackling congestion and creating local jobs, it should cancel Hwy 413 and put the $6 billion+ earmarked for the project into active transportation and public transit.

Thank you.