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In developing a regulatory framework for CCS in Ontario, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce encourages the government to be guided by five key principles:

1. Positioning Ontario as a CCS leader. Expedite the consultations and amendments necessary to fully enable and support CCS in Ontario in light of the environmental imperative and business case for CCS, and the growing regulatory momentum in this space.

2. Removing the regulatory barriers to CCS in Ontario. This includes revoking section 11(1.1) of OGSRA.

3. Creating a streamlined approval regime for new CCS projects. Enact a permitting regime for carbon dioxide

4. Encouraging commercial-scale CCS projects. The Emissions Performance Standards program should be amended to allow carbon dioxide captured from a covered facility and appropriately sequestered to be deducted from a covered facility’s verified emissions.

5. Facilitating scalable and cost-effective projects for carbon capture, utilization, and storage infrastructure across the province. Ensure that any regulatory amendments designed to facilitate an initial set of CCS projects can be leveraged in the future to support more extensive infrastructure. To minimize the costs associated with CCS regulation while still ensuring public safety, Ontario should adopt open access policies and non-discriminatory rates.

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