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We are writing to provide our support for the approval of the City Council adopted Official Plan of the City of Peterborough. The current crisis that Ontario citizens are facing to find an affordable home is considerable. One step that would help to address this problem is to approve Official Plans such as the one adopted by the City of Peterborough which provides a road map to manage growth and development. The need for Ontario to provide affordable, attainable and accessible housing is critical and the tools and mechanisms need to be in place to facilitate the development of new housing in the immediate future.

The housing supply issue is complex and we need to start taking steps now to address it. Facilitating development on residential lands that the City has already approved through the Official Plan is a major step that will contribute to the solution in the short term. The goals, objectives and policies within the plan are well positioned to facilitate affordable growth within the City that will be of significant benefit. We strongly support the growth in this region and encourage you to approve the Official Plan and our concept as it will contribute to affordable and attainable housing, rental housing and long-term care facilities.