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On behalf of Trent University, Bousfields Inc. has prepared a letter to outline a number of the University’s comments and concerns on the City’s Official Plan and note that the University participated fully in the City’s process leading up to their adoption of the Official Plan. These comments and requested changes were provided to the City at that time. The key concerns include:

1) The proposed Rural Transition Area designation and the corresponding down-designation from Designated Greenfield Area of some of the University’s lands;

2) The proposed Major Open Space designation that applies to some of the lands within the campus lands;

3) Restrictive policies for the Natural Heritage System and mapping that does not reflect known features;

4) That clarification be provided for the population and employment forecasts and that these are considered a minimum.

5) The need for a special policy area to be applied to Trent University lands to provide the appropriate flexibility for future development.