Stage Five: Inspection of the Ministry Approved 2020-2030 Forest Management Plan for the Algoma Forest

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This notice is for informational purposes only. There is no requirement to consult on this initiative on the Environmental Registry of Ontario. Learn more about the types of notices on the registry.

Bulletin summary

We would like to advise you that the 2020 – 2030 Forest Management Plan for the Algoma Forest has been approved by the Ministry’s Regional Director and is available for inspection.

Why consultation isn't required

The Environmental Bill of Rights 1993 does not require this notice to be placed on the Environmental Registry of Ontario.

We are voluntarily posting this notice for information purposes to advise interested parties of the formal public consultation opportunities for this proposal in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Management Planning Manual.

To participate in that consultation process, the public is invited to submit comments to the contact person identified in this notice.

Bulletin details

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), Clergue Forest Management Inc. and the Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa Local Citizens’ Committee would like to advise you that the (2020 – 2030) Forest Management Plan (FMP) for the Algoma has been approved by the MNRF Regional Director and is available for inspection.

The planning process

The plan takes approximately three years to complete. During this time, five formal opportunities for public, First Nation and Métis involvement are provided:

  • Stage One – Invitation to Participate: September 6, 2017
  • Stage Two – Review of Proposed Long-Term Management Direction: January 16, 2019
  • Stage Three – Information Centre: Review of Proposed Operations: April 16, 2019 when the public was invited to review and comment on proposed operations of the plan
  • Stage Four – Information Centre: Review of Draft Forest Management Plan: October 16, 2019

This Stage Five notice is to s to advise you that the MNRF-approved FMP will be available for inspection on February 3, 2020.

There are no further comments being considered during this inspection period.

FMP Inspection - Final Opportunity

During the 30-day inspection period, you may make a written request to the Director, Environmental Assessment and Permissions, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, 1st Floor, 135 St Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M4V 1P5, for an individual environmental assessment of specific planned operations in the ministry-approved Forest Management Plan.

The approved plan and summary are available for inspection, by appointment, during normal office hours for 30 days February 3 to March 3, 2020 at the following locations:

  • Clergue Forest Management Inc. office, Jason McLellan, R.P.F., 688-B Second Line E., Sault Ste. Marie, 705-942-7708.
  • MNRF public website at (ServiceOntario locations in Salut Ste. Marie, Wawa; and the MNRF district offices may provide Internet access.)

Interested and affected persons and organizations can arrange an appointment with our staff at the appropriate Ministry district or field office to discuss the Forest Management Plan.

The approval date of the plan is tentatively scheduled for January 31, 2020.

About the forest

The Algoma Forest is located in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Northeast Region.   It is located in the western part of the Ministry’s Sault Ste. Marie District and the eastern part of Wawa District. The Algoma Forest is located west of Highway 129, north of the city of Sault Ste. Marie to the junction of Highway 17 and Highway 519 to Dubreuilville and west through Wawa to the eastern boundary of Pukaskwa National Park.

The Algoma Forest has a total forested area of 1,561,874 hectares (ha), of which 62% (951,004 ha) is classified as Crown land.   Approximately 15% of the Crown land (174,000 ha) is classified as provincial parks and conservation reserves.  The remaining 38% (581,995 ha) consists of a variety of patented land holdings.

The Algoma Forest is in the transition zone from the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest Region to the Boreal Forest Region, and thus includes a mixture of forest types and conditions. The forest supports tree species such as maple, birch, pine, spruce, and poplar. Sugar maple, white birch, and black spruce are the most abundant species in the forest.  White spruce, trembling aspen, balsam fir, yellow birch and jack pine are relatively common. Red and white pine, hemlock, cedar and larch are also present. A few isolated occurrences of other hardwoods, including black ash are also found.

The Garden River, Batchewana and Michipicoten Aboriginal First Nations communities as well as, the Historic Sault Ste. Marie Metis community and the Bar River Metis community are located in the Algoma Forest.

For forest management purposes, the Ministry has issued a sustainable forest licence to Clergue Forest Management Inc (#542257).   Under the licence, the corporation is responsible for, among other things, the preparation of the forest management plan in accordance with the provisions of the forest management planning manual (2017).

Timber is harvested pursuant to an approved forest management plan. Rayonier Advanced Materials, Columbia Forest Products/Levesque Division, Midway Lumber Mills Ltd., Domtar Inc., and Boniferro Mill Works have formed a business partnership to create Clergue Forest Management Inc.  Under the terms of a sustainable forest licence issued by the Ministry, Clergue Forest Management Inc. is responsible for forest management on the unit.

In addition to fibre for commercial use, the forest supports wildlife and ecosystem functions such as carbon sinks and water conservation. Commercial and non-commercial recreation opportunities are also associated with the forest. 

The anticipated dates the Algoma Forest Management Plan will be in effect are for the ten-year period between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2030.

Stay involved

We are collecting your personal information and comments under the authority of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. Any personal information you provide (address, name, telephone, etc.) will be protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; however, your comments will become part of the public consultation process and may be shared with the general public. Your personal information may be used to send you further information related to this forest management planning exercise. If you have questions about the use of your personal information, please contact: Valarie Morin at 705-941-5119.

Supporting materials

View materials in person

Important notice: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, viewing supporting materials in person is not available at this time.

Please reach out to the Contact listed in this notice to see if alternate arrangements can be made.

MNRF Northeast Regional Office

5520 Highway 101 East
South Porcupine, ON
P0N 1C0

Office phone number
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry - Sault Ste. Marie District Office

64 Church Street
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6A 3H3

Office phone number
Wawa District

48 Mission Road - Highway 101
P.O. Box 1160
Wawa, ON
P0S 1K0

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