3428851 Canada Ltd. - Certificate of property use

Instrument type: Certificate of property use

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Environmental Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990
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Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
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November 9, 2020 - December 24, 2020 (45 days) Closed
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November 9, 2020
to December 24, 2020

Proposal summary

The ministry has accepted the risk assessment prepared for the owner, 3428851 Canada Ltd., as part of the development plans for the property at 100 Front Street West. The director is considering issuing a Certificate of Property Use ("CPU") in relation to the property.

Location details

Site address

100 Front Street West
Toronto, ON
M5J 1E3

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3428851 Canada Ltd.
66 Wellington Street West
Suite 4400
Toronto, ON
M5K 1H6

Proposal details

A risk assessment was undertaken for this property to establish the risks that the contaminants identified in the risk assessment may pose to future users and to identify appropriate risk management measures to be implemented to ensure that the property is suitable for the intended use of residential use as defined by O. Reg. 153/04 (the "Regulation"), as amended, made under the Environmental Protection Act (the "Act").

The ministry has accepted the risk assessment prepared for the owner as part of the development plans for the property.

Based on the documents provided to the ministry as part of the risk assessment reports, the reviewers confirmed that the risk assessment has been conducted in accordance with the Act, the Regulation, and the associated guidance documents.

The director provided the proponent with written Notice of the Director’s Decision to accept the risk assessment relating to the property in accordance with s. 168.5 of the Act on June 18, 2020.

The director is considering issuing a Certificate of Property Use ("CPU") in relation to the property. The CPU incorporates the risk management measures proposed in the risk assessment and any additional conditions proposed by the director. A Section 197 Order is included and requires that a certificate be registered on the property title in accordance with section 197 of the Act and that before dealing with the property in any way, a copy of the CPU must be given to any person who will acquire an interest in the property.

The proposed risk management measures include:

  • building construction restrictions
  • barrier to site soils
  • an inspection and maintenance program for the barrier to site soils
  • air monitoring program
  • prepare and implement a soil and groundwater management plan and health and safety plan
  • reporting requirements

The proposed draft CPU No. 6821-BQNPGJ including the Section 197 Order, is provided as a link under the Supporting Materials section of this notice.

Supporting materials

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Please reach out to the Contact listed in this notice to see if alternate arrangements can be made.


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The comment period was from November 9, 2020
to December 24, 2020

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