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I honestly had to check the date when I read this to make sure it was not April
1!! This is akin to the old bounty system. As a hunter in Ontario, the last
thing I want is to have this activity associated with hunting or naming the
Cormorant as a game bird. This is essentially a legislated slaughter of a
species for no scientific reason other than some uninformed people are looking
for a scapegoat for declining fish stocks.

I live close to Lake Nipissing and I cannot imagine the mess this is going to
make when "hunters" go to a roosting island and blast away 50 Cormorants each
and then leave them to rot there. Nobody is going to pick them up and dispose of them properly.

This is possibly the most insane proposal that I have seen from the MNRF in my
recent memory and if this passes they should be absolutely ashamed of
themselves as a natural resource agency. Go back to the drawing board and where
there are valid ecological issues, perhaps the degradation of some island
ecosites, and come up with a real management plan that addresses that issue.