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I find this subject a little confusing ,you want to put the cormorant under the guise of the migratory bird act. I f not mistaken all hunted animals ,birds etc are meant to be consumed and not left to spoil? I am sure if caught you are subject to fines? So as this bird is a fish eater like the merganser its taste is acquired at best. Hence I think you need to call this a" cull" and separate from the migratory bird act. You need a places the dead birds can be dropped at to make sure they are not being wasted,Maybe the private sector might need them for dog or cat food or feeding sled dogs ,bait for trappers,in digenous peoples for there feathers? I just do not want to walk in nature finding rotting bloated cormorants around. I agree with the cull but not in the shadow of a hunt, Call it what it is regulated the firearm aspect of it period. Do not sugar coat it for what it really is the destruction of an invasive species.