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I agree that Double-breasted Cormorants are a problem, however I have some very serious concerns. Hunting these birds will terribly disturb the breeding grounds of countless other birds and is absolutely not a viable solution to the problem. Possibly a more restricted hunting season would be better if this plan goes through. Examples of the trouble with hunting other birds such as duck season give a very obvious indication of the troubles. When hunting season is open for ducks, most of the bird species go into hiding and it greatly disturbs their livelihood, foraging, and general well being. This occurs so badly in some of our provincial parks where duck hunting is allowed usually on alternate days that the wildlife rarely come out of hiding even on the non-hunting days. To assume that some guidelines for hunters would have any affect is absolutely ludicrous. An example of this is after duck hunting was changed to allow Sunday hunting (ie. 7 days a week), I no longer am able to go out onto the lake where I live from opening day on. This is because there are always some hunters that are irresponsible and very careless no matter what advice they are given. I can give many examples of this occurring. Due to this behavior, it would spell disaster for all concerned, wildlife and humans for the entire season.
You absolutely can not allow the plan to proceed in it's current form.