aaniin- hi.  i don't…

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   aaniin- hi.  i don't havemuch time to review but want to comment on the proposed 013-1014

  i think it's great that there is language around future generations rights to access and have natural resources...i like the idea of collaboration between citizens and other - that would be so hopeful....and in general the more protection of the environment the better....but it feels like it is still all so loose and incumbent on the municpalities to protect the interior forest cover and other vital resources....and they don't. they don't have to - you don't make them- and they are driven by $.  resource-based recreational dwellings are only limited to "where appropriate"  I am sure every developer that has enough money to go ahead with shoreline and rural recreational dwelling construction will be able to work around that - and many municpalities won't even put up a fight.- and if they wanted to and turned to this document...where're the teeth?  where is the will to actually make change in what is happening now with more and more development in the small number of wildlife corridors left in s. ontario.  language sounds good but until some level of government makes meaningful - and enforceable- statements around protecting resources for anything other than generating taxes through human use this all feels meaningless.  another treaty that will be ignored.  i would love for the provicial gov't to take even stronger action than this...i do appreciate that it's a start.  why can't it be clearer that we should not destroy any more corridors?  when will there be enough recreational dwellings on what was once the disappearing creatures' real dwelling places?

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