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This bill proves to be a detriment to public safety, now, and for future generations. There is no excuse to use lands that have been protected for decades for development. This bill is explicit in its ignorance to the value of the environment as a service that provides some climate change regulation, flood mitigation, carbon dioxide catchment, and species safety. Ontario has recently created a full natural area from Lake Ontario to the Oak Ridges Morraine, and this is crucial for species, and water management and regulation.

I foresee that this bill would allow future, extremely detrimental development on sensitive lands. This directly threatens our clean water with inevitable waste breaches (oil spills, residue from machinery). Walkerton can be recalled as an example for the necessity of protecting our water.

The Rogue Valley park was just deemed the first national park in an urban area. Developments in close surrounding areas will bring the value of this park down.

I am deeply, deeply shocked and disgusted by this bill.