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As an Ontario Resident and Taxpayer, I object to Bill 66 for several reasons:

1. The disregard for ON’s hard won environmental legislation. By jeopardizing clean water sources, green space, prime farmland and taking Ontario backwards, our government is risking our children’s future. The next generations are entitled to grow up with the same quality and diversity of life that we have enjoyed.

2. Placing economic gain ahead of child care, increasing the number of babies being cared for by caregivers for dollars.

3. Repeal of the Wireless Services Agreements Act, 2013. This legislation was enacted to protected consumers ensuring plain language contracts and administrative cost caps.

4. Mashing all these different amendments into one bill without thorough public consultation.

5. Advancing the agendas of corporations and businesses at any and all cost.

I demand that residential and consumer well being be Ontario's first priority.

#ProtectOurWater #ProtectPrimeFarmland #GrowOurGB #StandForForests #FoodAndWaterFirst