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I am extremely concerned by the blatant disregard for existing planning provisions in the Planning Act found in Bill 66. The Planning Act sets for conformity to Provincial policies and plans, and Municipal plans and by-laws as a key instrument in articulating good planning. Granting the ability to side-step these guiding documents represents a grossly irresponsible act on the part of government with dangerous consequences for thousands of Ontarians. Particularly, Bill 66's move to enable commercial and industrial development without regard for the natural heritage system including in provision of safe drinking water, represents a serious threat to the livelihoods and viability of towns and cities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. I implore the provincial government to reconsider their position on Bill 66 to provide a Bill that respects the hierarchy of planning policies and guiding documents by not undercutting their power through "non-application clauses", and protects valuable assets natural heritage assets (and their accompanying eco-system services) that we all need to survive. I'm sure it bears no need in reminding that environmental regulations keep Ontarians safe through essential oversight.