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This comment is in direct response to the Government of Ontario's proposal to open the Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine and other protected areas for development following the new "open for business" zoning change to the Planning Act.

Like you, I care deeply about the past, present, and future of Ontario. That is why, when the Provincial election rolled around this past summer, I had to exercise my democratic right to vote in the Provincial election for the first time as an "of age" voter.

As a new Master of Planning in Urban Development student, I am troubled to know that our government is willing to risk the development of some of the world's most environmentally, biologically, and potentially archaeologically sensitive areas. I understand the desire to speed up approvals for businesses looking for new sites, but I stand firmly in the belief that economic development must be balanced equally with social and environmental justice.

Premier Ford, I urge you to think about the young people of our Province, the people that will carry this Province long after we are gone, and the integral role that these sensitive areas play in the functioning of our Province. Please reconsider the Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act.