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Amending the Renewable Energy Approvals Regulation – O Reg 359/09 to help restore municipal authority: ERO # 013 - 4040
• We support the stated purpose of the amendments, that being to restore municipal planning authority for Renewable Energy Projects
• Current local planning documents do not reflect municipal views; the amendment process requires time
• Process should be changed to require a municipal support resolution approved by Council for at least the transition period that will be required to make necessary modifications to zoning by-laws and official plans.
• Before municipalities are encouraged to pass zoning by-laws, which will include set-back provisions, changes to the set-backs contained in Regulation 359/09 need to be implemented by the province.
• Municipal consultations should be immediately disclosed to the public by project proponents, to ensure full openness and transparency, rather than waiting until the final public meeting.
• Wider changes are required to Regulation 359/09 to provide opportunities for full public input.
• Protection from Litigation and Appeals Legislation, which has been added to the Planning Act, appears to cover only municipal by-laws that promote renewable energy projects.
• Municipal actions, including zoning by-laws that impose limits on renewable energy projects may still be subject to appeal.
• Legislation needs to be amended/clarified to allow municipalities to limit or reject wind turbine projects and to manage municipal assets, without threat of appeals or lawsuits.
• The existing Provincial Policy Statement must be amended to allow municipal official plans, and associated zoning bylaws, to reject wind turbines.