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Withdraw ERO 013-4040.
To get to this point the system was VERY convoluted and must be simplified.
This proposed regulation would “ apply to applications the ministry is already reviewing“ and “provide that, despite its repeal, section 62.0.2 of the Planning Act would continue to apply to specific renewable energy projects in specific circumstances” therefore, forcing people living in existing project areas no form of recourse; this is Not what the PC Party promised the people of Ontario.
This proposed regulation is not “open and transparent.” This proposed regulation MUST be made available to ALL people of Ontario and not simply “posted” on a provincial web site. MPP’s fiduciary duty includes making their constituents aware of what “their” government is doing.
The government, in doing its due diligence MUST ensure by-laws are up-to-date and reflective of changes in technology, research and international regulations (World Health Organization).
ALL reported complaints MUST be addressed BEFORE any repowering is approved. The high number of complaints already reported to the Ontario government clearly demonstrates that there are serious health, water and environmental issues related to present wind turbine projects. Allowing wind companies to do their own assessments (noise etc.) is NOT acceptable. The government’s fiduciary duty is to ensure that the reported issues are independently and without biased addressed AND prevented in the future.
Note: The Nation Rise Wind Project is under review pending a highly conditional REA. An immediate moratorium must be put in place for it and those projects in progress pending an assessment of harm to human health and environment based on CURRENT standards (including but not limited to current noise guidelines).