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ERO #013-4288

It is very difficult to effectively comment on the proposed Siting Regulation as it appears to be closely tied and dependent on the outcome of the proposed Transitional Regulations. It is my understanding that both ERO-4265 and ERO #013-4288 target pre-construction projects (those “in process” or “ in review”). Even though siting regulations primarily affect solar projects, it continues to exempt LRP from restrictions on siting, particularly on prime agricultural land. This is concerning for residents of the Municipality of North Stormont, as it applies to the pre-construction Nation Rise Project and continues to remove municipal controls. In my view, common sense is lacking here.

Moving forward, a simple solution would be:

● call a moratorium on all pre-construction, as well as new applications for renewable energy projects, thereby eliminating the need for transitional regulations. This action supports the ideology of this present government.

● compensate developers for their investment in the project to date. Subsidy costs over the next 20 years far outweigh penalty costs for cancellation.

● establish and aggressively enforce all NEW regulations (siting, set-backs, noise modelling, REA, etc) governing future renewable energy projects

● resolve all complaints regarding the operation of existing renewable facilities to the satisfaction of affected residents, even if shut-down is required due to proximity to homes.