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Proposed regulation amendments
In Ontario, you need a renewable energy approval for the construction
(Let’s rethink the approach, first, tell what the present PC government was left with, a disastrous Industry Lead -Industry Protecting policy/law in the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 and subsequent changes to associated acts, by the previous Liberal Government, has become an enormous liability for the Province.
Secondly, the thousands upon thousands of calls and notifications to the Ministry of the Environment over the 12+ years,… , of harm to human health in each industrial wind complex/power project must be the core focus around which the regulation amendments are to be made. I have binders of evidence that the Liberal Government and the MOE under the direction of the Liberal Government supported the industrial wind industry over the health of the citizens of Ontario. Lisa Thompson is my MPP. I have volunteered my time and any of information needed to assist in the protection of my fellow neighbours across this great province from the serious harm to their health by the industrial wind complexes/power projects.)
, operation and maintenance of large wind, solar or bio-energy projects. The Renewable Energy Approvals Regulation (Ontario Regulation 359/09) outlines criteria for applicants to get a renewable energy approval.
We are proposing to amend the regulation to require project developers to submit written confirmation from local municipal authorities indicating that the proposed use of land at the project location is not prohibited by a zoning by-law or zoning order under the Planning Act
(The proposal is sets up to fail if the Ministry of the Environment does not provide councils within Ontario with up to date, non-industrial wind industry provided facts, does not have and does not follow strict processes to stop harm to human health which the MOE MUST do as stated in,… , and the MOE does not have a “stop order, until harm to human health has happened” process which municipalities can call on to protect their citizens.
(I have in my possession, from the MOE, the Certificate of Approval signed my director Victor Low for the Ripley Wind Power project, I also have documentation showing that almost all of the requirements to maintain the certificate of approved were NOT followed and the MOE did NOT give a stop order and did NOT protect the health of the citizens.)
Let’s not be naïve, over and over again, in the past 12+ years, councilor after councilor has hidden or not declared lease agreements or relative lease agreements when voting for industrial wind projects in their jurisdiction how is this going to be addressed?)

Project developers will be required to provide this confirmation to be eligible to apply for or receive a renewable energy approval.
The written confirmation must be submitted by the project developer as part of their application or as otherwise requested by the ministry, and prepared by:
• each local municipality where the project is located or by each planning board that has jurisdiction in the area, or
• the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, if the project location is situated in an area without municipal organization or a planning board.
This would apply to:
• initial applications for a renewable energy approval
• applications the ministry is already reviewing
• applications to amend a renewable energy approval where the proposed change would take place in a different location than the original project

(Seriously, the MOE did NOT check on the GPS location of the turbines in the Ripley Wind Power project during construction to ensure they were is the right location. How is this going to happen, who outside the project is going to do this, and who outside of the project will pay for this checking?)

This proposal is consistent with the proposed amendments to the Planning Act and reflects our commitment to restore municipal planning authority
(Again, where is the County planning authority going to get the most up to date and accurate information from non- industry sources?)
over the siting of renewable energy projects.
Project developers would not be required to make the municipal confirmation available to the public before final public
(Absolutely NOT!)

Purpose of regulation:
The Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines introduced the Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018. If passed, the act would:
• repeal the Green Energy Act, 2009, and amend other existing legislation with the goal of helping consumers lower their energy costs

(and ensuring no harm to human health will occur at any time pre, during, or post set up of any project.)

• amend the Planning Act to restore municipal planning authority related to the siting of renewable energy generation facilities
We are proposing to amend the Renewable Energy Approvals Regulation to align with these changes.
Other information:
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is also proposing a regulation to address transition issues related to restoring municipal planning authority.
The proposed regulation would:
• establish the transition rules for grandfathering existing renewable energy projects, as these projects may not comply with municipal planning documents and would
require regulatory protection
(where there was any reporting of harm to human health)
to continue
• provide that, despite its repeal, section 62.0.2 of the Planning Act would continue to apply to specific renewable energy projects in specific circumstances
(Unless there has been any reporting of harm to human health,).