I reject the idea that we…


I reject the idea that we can simply remove and offset protections for species as critical as Jefferson Salamanders and the others listed! This is nothing short of brinkmanship.

Jefferson Salamanders are indicator species of primary water supplies. To deforest and alter hydrology of their habitat is not only harmful to the forests around it but to our entire economy when you consider that these areas serve to recharge wells, to provide clean potable drinking water for communities and other industries.

The fact they want to conduct forestry operations around vernal ponds and wetlands is an outrage to begin with but to exempt these species from their current protections and to seek their own corporate exemptions to destroy habitats is in my view, an illegal subsidy at the cost of Canada's commitment to the Convention on Biodiversity and the Species At Risk Act and Treaty policies.

This is not morally, ethical or economically wise. This is penny pinching and pound foolish behavior by the Forestry Sector.

Read the UN Report Water for People, Water for Life you will see that by simply removing vegetation, water flow, flow rates, water volumes and water quality are impaired. The soil will compact with rain and the recharge capacity will be damaged.. Reforestation and regrowth takes years but population damages of endangered species is already evident and with this additional stress it is a sure path to absolute extinction.. It is absolutely inexcusable.

The genetic benefits of these animals and the potential they have to teach us how to regrow human muscle, bone and nerves must be protected for the long term. These are vertebrae species and they regrow tails and toes with each tissue type forming in the right place. Some hybrid varieties have three strands of DNA not just two and it shows how we might be able to one day cure genetic diseases but replicating human cures using the knowledge gleaned from this structure. To subject these animals and the others species to a death sentence so the Forestry Sector can save money harvesting trees in bad locations is ridiculous.

Short sighted ignorance for personal profits is not a rational fiscal plan. it's a path to stupidity and economic loss.

Just say no and hold them to the equal laws as every other sector. Stop this special treatment and put biodiversity and our water supplies first.

Thank you.

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