Firstly, the 2-year…


Firstly, the 2-year extension presently being proposed by the government does provide certainty to our forest sector that their will be enough time to ensure a better understanding of the impacts of climate change on habitat and ensure socio-economic impact analysis is conducted for every single ESA policies impacting our forest sector. We ask that the government provide instead a 5-year extension.

Secondly, I support the establishment of an independent Panel that must include representation by the PEOPLE who are most impacted such as practitioners, First Nations, municipal representation, etc) Also, under the Section 35 of the Constitution, the province has a duty to consult and accommodate the First Nations. Therefor, the MNRF must fulfill a duty to consult with the Indigenous nations of Ontario that will be affected by the ESA policies.

Finally, we urge the government to make a final decision on or before March 30th 2018. This is critical to making sure the works are underway before the provincial elections.

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