When the public hears about…


When the public hears about logging or cutting trees, there is an immediate reaction to not like it. However, forest management is a very complex process looking at all aspects of the forest: habitat, wildlife movement, water, nutrients, food, traditional uses, and trees. When species at risk are known or encountered, the Crown Forest Sustainability Act require forest manager along with biologists and other experts to provide protection. These 'area of concern' prescriptions have been part of forest management planning for many years.

The additional requirements of the Endangered Species Act will NOT provide additional protection during logging operations, rather add to the red-tape by requiring additional permits, documentation, and possible court action.

I believe this proposed amendments to s. 22.1 to extend the regulation to apply to forest operations conducted prior to July 1, 2020 rather than July 1, 2018, should be revised to a permanent application and reflected to continue directions as proposed in the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.

[Original Comment ID: 212252]