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   As a large owner and third-party manager of commercial real estate, Triovest would like to provide the Ministry of Energy its comments on the regulatory proposal for province-wide implementation of Green Button.

  Overall, Triovest believes that the regulatory proposal has been well developed. The following are ideas and questions that Triovest would like to see addressed by the province before Green Button is implemented:

  •Triovest would like to see ENERGY include steam and district heating/cooling

 •If the legislation is enacted and Green button becomes mandatory, Triovest would like to understand more how the province expects utility companies to pay for the software development so that they can share the data, as well as impose restrictions on what utility providers could charge its customers to develop this platform

 •Is the province considering enacting minimum energy performance requirements for properties once the Green Button Standard is implemented?

  Kind Regards,

 Kit Milnes

 National Sustainability Manager

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