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   Providing access to downloadable and shareable utilities interval data (DMD and CMD) will be helpful to consumers and businesses to support analysis for energy performance.  The CMD (connect my data) option will be especially helpful for businesses in the sharing of third party data, reporting for certifications (LEED/BOMA) and regulations (Ont Reg 20/17 EWRB).

  The data should be made available in a format usable by Energy Star.  Standards such as default unit of measure, meter naming conventions in the provision of the data will help users to easily integrate with other platforms.

  While many utilities have this data already available, in our experience, some utilities (Hydro Ottawa) have implemented a charge for access to their existing online portal.  Green Button regulation should mandate cost-free access to DMD/CMD interval data for downloading and sharing between account holders and third parties.

  Please clarify the requirements in the regulation are also applicable for water/municipal utilities, district steam and chilled water utilities.

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