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I believe this is the best thing the Ontario government did. Although the previous liberal government claim to solve the housing issue, the only thing they did was introducing new taxes. This does not solve the supply and demand issue, and the problem remains.

In addition to this, the current city of Toronto also tried their best stop new houses been built, and strong resistance for change from the councilors. For example, they replace OMB by TLAB to gain control of the zoning, since the TLAB judges were appointed by councilors. So, every step was in their own hands. This seriously stops the implementation of the Growth plan, since there is no room for growth.

Further, Councillors like Jay Robinson drives people from her ward to act actively to resist new changes or new projects. There is no way a home crisis can be solved if this can not be changed. I understand there would be some opposition letters from her ward since she is sending this to all her subscribers.