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1. The reduction for decision timelines on applications for official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments and plans of subdivision should apply to complete applications submitted after Proclamation. These timelines will be very challenging to meet going forward however we will all do our best to meet the needs for meaningful public input, professional assessment of information, industry’s business needs and local decision making authority.

While working to manage these new timelines, municipalities should not be further disadvantaged by having to respond to applications which are coming close to “timing out” in September (i.e. if transition is based upon Royal Assent). Without sufficient advanced knowledge of the specific transition date there is no opportunity to meet the new legislated requirements on these applications currently in process.

2. In regard to additional residential unit polices, the City is concerned that increasing the number of units permitted on a property may have financial implications on the planned infrastructure for a community. For example, allowing three units as of right may require municipal water and sewer line/plant upgrades that had not been previously projected. Municipalities should receive financial support from the Province to help implement the intensification that the Province envisions through this policy. This will help municipalities in being able to create complete communities.

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