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We are a small group of cottagers (approx. 12 paying members in total) that hold an Aggregate Permit. We extract less than 100 tons of gravel annually, all of which is used on public roads that access our cottages. The Permit fees are hard for our group to absorb. On top of that, we have to pay for the trucks, loaders, and graders. We have an annual budget of about $3000, again, all spent on maintaining public roads.

I propose there be a new license type created to cover small groups such as ourselves. We make NO profit from this, and the public benefits from the work we do. This new license could have a fee rate that covers administrative charges only.

Currently we are stuck with the high fees just to maintain rights to the pit. If we give that up, not only will we have to bear the rehabilitation costs, we will lose all access to sources of gravel. There is limited forestry activity in our area, and probably will be none within 10 km of our cottages for the foreseeable future.

Dwayne Schultz,
Togo Township Cottagers Association
Northern Ontario