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Our company has been promoting the Save On Energy program since our inception in 2014. Over the course of 7 years our company has grown significantly with the help of the Save On Energy program and its Government backing. As of 2019 our company was awarded the Startup 50 Canada Top New Growth Companies Award! We were only able to achieve this because our business relies on delivering real results in kilowatt demand and kilowatt hour reductions.

With the help of the Save On Energy program we have been able to tackle clients ranging from less than 50kW demand to over 4.0 MW demand. This is possible because every client has a baseline demand consumption that is derived from lighting power within their facility. Since we are able to quantify the existing demand kilowatts and kilowatt hours. Therefore, we are able to show real energy savings and reductions to any client.

The Save On Energy program is a significant part of our business model because it reassures our clients that results will be and can be delivered. Even as technology becomes smarter and more efficient, so does the program. More than 90% of our business is derived from two assets within the Save On Energy program; Custom Lighting Engineering Track and Prescriptive Lighting Track. With these tools we are able to quantify and effectively derive results which will come true upon delivering said projects. Coupled with the rebates and incentives to the clients we are able to deliver a win-win-win situation for the client, our business, and the IESO.

We have also made great use of the HPNC (High Performance New Construction) program while it was available. We were able to secure the first HPNC application in Milton Hydro for a client that built a 400,000 sqft facility.

We do have a recommendation that the HPNC program be revived in the new framework. Many of our existing clients are growing and expanding their facilities. When they consult with our company and ask whether or not rebates are available, I have to provide bad news. It does not make sense for clients to build with inefficient technology only to retrofit later and gain energy savings and rebates.

In summary we recommend that you bring back the HPNC program and keep the Prescriptive and Custom lighting Tracks in the new Framework.