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Arntjen Solar Submission
ERO Posting #019-2531
Proposal for Changes to Ontario’s Net Metering Regulation to Support Community-Based Energy Systems
ERO Posting # 019-2531
Langlois Eco Homes is developing a Passive House Community on the outskirts of Embro, Ontario. A first in Canada. The 70 acre property is an ideal location for passive houses, ranging in size from 1,400 to 2,400 square feet, with optional single- or double-car garages, are thoughtfully and beautifully designed to meet the needs of families, couples and individuals at every stage of life.
The passive house standard requires a minimum amount of energy for heating and cooling the home, and prospective buyers have expressed the preference for renewable energy to provide the energy required for this community.

The proposed Ontario’s net metering regulation to support community-based energy systems will allow the developer to install a ground mount solar array to generate energy for homes on the same property. Future residents of this passive house development are committed to a sustainable life style, and using local produced renewable energy will support their vision of a greener future.
Arntjen Solar has offered their support to assist Langlois Homes to design, develop, install and maintain a solar array meeting the requirements as set forth by the new net metering proposal. Arntjen Solar is an experienced Solar EPC and has supplied and installed over 60MW of solar installations.
Arntjen Solar and Langlois homes are supportive of the proposal outlined in ERO No. 019-2531 being put forth by the ministry. The proposal allows a community to utilize generation accounts across multiple load accounts. This proposal will allow more passive house homes to have readily-available access to renewable energy while having the ability to reduce the overall capital cost to implement.
We are looking forward to have the proposal approved and pave the way for community based energy systems. Feel free to contact me if any clarification for this project is required.

Jurgen van Dijken, B.Tech.
Business Unit Manager – Electromobility
ArntjenSolar NA Inc. Harvesting the Sun