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My wife and I own an electric bicycle rental business in Southeastern Ontario that services the local tourism industry by providing safe, outdoor activities for visitors to our area which help to extend the stay of visitors at hotels and B&B's etc. Last year there were 3 bicycle rental shops in our area, now there is only our small business left, I-Cycle Electric Bike Company and we would like to stay in business.
This year we provided many members of the public with a pressure relief from the stress of Covid by getting them out in the fresh air in a safe environment, we therefore hope that the new regulations are not the thin edge of the wedge to require licensing, insurance and registration for all electric bicycles as this would put us out of business and hurt the local tourism industry which is struggling to survive.
The online conference that was held on this issue was $300 to attend and this limited the participation of many members of the public, I didn't notice any sponsors/participants that are from the electric bicycle industry when I received the notice for this online conference. Having discussions in an echo chamber that does not even include members from the very industry that is being regulated is not the way to have a proper dialogue and I would respectfully request that an open forum be created that is free to all members of the public and not one that is cost prohibitive to all but insurance companies and cycling groups that may not even be familiar with the new electric bicycle field. Getting input from members of the public that may have never even ridden an electric bicycle themselves is a bit like asking a fish what it feels like to fly.
If I can assist in having a more open dialogue then I am at your service.


Eric Wainwright
I-Cycle Electric Bike Company