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Multiple WEEE diversion service provide organizations commenting collectively: Computation Ltd, eCycle Solutions Inc, Renew Computer Technology, Quantum Lifecycle Partners LP, Free Geek Toronto, Eastern Independent Telecommunications Inc, and Lifespan/CDI

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To whom it may concern,

The attached letter, signed by the leaders of a diverse and representative group of organizations that operate in Ontario's e-waste diversion sector, sets out our recommendation as relates to the proposed amendments to the TOA between the Minister and RPRA.

Summary (see attached for the complete comment):

The sole focus of our recommendation is that, at least with respect to the diversion of EEE:

1. The proposed industry advisory councils (proposed section 9.8) be compulsory for each designated product stream.

2. That the industry advisory councils have mandatory composition to include representatives from each of the following service provider groups:

a. PROs
b. Processors
c. Refurbishers
d. Collection sites, and
e. Other/small business/charitable enterprises

We look forward to hearing back from you and welcome the opportunity to further
discuss with you the proposed amendments to the TOA.