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As Ontario’s Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Consults on amendments to the Transitional Operating Agreement between the MECP and the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) our association welcomes the opportunity to provide comment.

We support efforts made by MECP to ensure that the oversight regime for producer responsibility in Ontario is transparent and effective. Previously we have voiced our concern regarding the oversight and accountability framework that governs RPRA’s operations and budgeting process. The current effort to improve financial transparency and increase industry input in RPRA’s overall operations will have a positive effect for Ontario producers. Addressing administrative inefficiencies for this important oversight body will reduce burden for all regulated parties under the Waste Free Ontario Act.

We also want to express our support for the Ministry’s proposal to properly define RPRA’s functions and clarify its mandate to avoid unnecessary scope creep.

Finally, we would like to highlight and recognize the efforts being made by MECP to ensure data privacy by strengthening language in the operating agreement. RPRA’s role as a register of large amounts of producer data requires that measures to protect business confidential information be regularly updated and strengthened.

We appreciate this opportunity for comment and look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Ministry.

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