During the 2017 LTEP process…


During the 2017 LTEP process and consultation, an idea was put forward. An idea so impactful in its brevity and reach that it resonated across the ministry. I humbly submit it again for consideration (though without attribution to the individual who had bravely and smartly shared this initially). I ask the ministry carefully consider the idea of:

"Free ice cream Fridays for all"

You may feel this comment is in jest. But it is not, I assure you.

Besides providing an economic and job boom for Ontario's dairy industry, the incremental electricty demand for upstream manufacturing would help reduce the average cost of electricity, reduce SBG (assuming twilight ice cream making to take advantage of lower marginal cost electricity), and generally bring widespread smiles to bleary eyed midnight third shift IESO control room operators knowing they are spreading happiness across Ontario in the form of ice cream goodness.

Also, if that run on sentence was not sufficiently compelling, I respectfully ask Ontario to brand and market its own ice cream - made with clean, reliable, and affordable electricity - for worldwide export.

Haagen Daas and the Breyers/etc. oligopoly have had their run. The time for Ontario is now.