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I think this is a little late, and quite unnecesarry... vaccines are rolling out, and with this means a sense of normalcy returning to our society. Classes for certifications are still running, and have been throughout the pandemic. This will increase as more people are vaccinated, which means municipalities should be proactive and put in place the appropriate training for their staff, and not run "skeleton crews" with the absolute minimal amount of staff.

I believe that trying to implement this is just one step closer to giving owners/employers more power which will be abused and will also try to be kept AFTER a state of emergency is over.

As a water/wastewater operator in training, I will not support this, as I believe that the intention behind this is not true to the statement in the email I received. Just like Bill 195, you took too much power away from frontline heroes which many believe to be a borderline human rights violation. There is NO reason for this. we just need to be diligent in putting funding in the right places, having the appropriate training. Lets be proactive instead of reactive so we don't have to redeploy uncertified persons.