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I am not an expert on climate change mitigation or adaptation, but it seems pretty obvious that any decision that is made to alter an existing program aimed at doing so must be done using the best available science. That does not appear to be the case with the proposed Bill. It is nothing more than an ill-informed action to dismantle the former government's work. If the science supports the cancellation of the Cap and Trade approach any responsible government would have gone to the people of Ontario with this science and explained the alternative plan they have to address this global challenge to our very way of life.

Canada is falling farther and farther behind the rest of world in meeting (not meeting) its commitments under international climate agreements to which it is a signatory. There is little leadership on this issue, particularly in Ontario. The current government seems to believe that we can continue as usual with no regard to welfare of future generations.

The Ford government campaigned on a platform of increased transparency and accountability. This proposed action does not meet either of those parameters.

Mr. Ford - I remind you that you work for all of the "people" of Ontario. Start governing with that in mind.