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I am absolutely opposed to the proposal to cancel the Ontario Cap and Trade act, except for ONE condition outlined below.

Climate change is a most important issue dealing with the long term survival of humankind on the planet. Without concerted action by EVERYONE, life on earth as we know it will be changed forever.

Since the initial Kyoto Accord, very little has been done to combat climate change, and the most effective step so far has been taken at the Paris meeting a few years ago. The current federal government has taken a positive initiative to get all provincial governments in line to doing something toward combating climate change, or impose its own country-wide initiative. Ontario under the previous government got approval for the current Cap and Trade system as its initial tool.

The current government may not agree with this tool, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should it be allowed to cancel the Cap and Trade system prior to having received approval at the federal level for a different tool which is at least equivalent in its benefits to climate change to the Cap and Trade system. The current government's approach is setting Ontario back 30 to 40 years, to the years of inactivity on this file.

The government's decision to cancel the Cap and Trade system is based on politics, not science. It lacks any evidence of any sort. It is the will of ONE person who has managed to rally an obedient political following. I would hope that the environmental reviews are objective and can stay above the politics of Mr. Ford. I further hope that if the decision of the review is to not allow the proposed cancellation, the government will abide by it, not interfere in the decision process or annul the findings through legislation.