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Cap and trade is not my preferred method for reducing carbon emissions. I prefer a predictably-increasing carbon tax that is imposed on all sectors. However, a carbon tax has proven to be politically unpalatable. Given the clear need for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, the established cap and trade system is a reasonable mechanism that I support. There will be considerable cost and disruption to ending this system, regardless of what policy replaces it. Industry values stability in the rules. How can they plan for the next few years if carbon pricing is not clearly articulated by the government? By ending the cap and trade system, this government would create uncertainty that is not good for businesses, industry, or meeting our environmental needs and commitments. Moreover, the cap and trade system is connected with other major North American economies, Quebec and California, with whom Ontario has a great deal in common. It is highly desirable for Ontario to act on climate change in a coordinated way with out nation and international partners. I urge the Government of Ontario to continue its cap and trade system.