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Introducing a bill to cancel the Ontario carbon cap and trade program without announcing an alternative carbon pricing program is totally unacceptable. On September 10th, the Secretary-General of the United Nations gave a speech in which he stated that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity and unless significant steps are taken to reduce carbon emissions by 2020 it may be too late to prevent the worst impacts (see link below).

The vast majority of economists agree that putting a price on carbon pollution is an essential component of an overall climate change strategy. If the current government opposes cap and trade and carbon taxes, it should consider co-opting the Green Party's proposed carbon fee and dividend program. The carbon fee is not a tax, all the revenue from the collected fees would be given back to Ontario families (revenue neutral) and it would meet the Federal government's requirement for carbon pricing.

Future generations of Ontarians depend on the Ontario government joining the worldwide effort to combat climate change. Don't let them down.