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Please see attached Region of Peel staff comments regarding the proposal to update environmental assessment requirements for the development of transmission lines.

Region of Peel staff comments focus on the potential implications of this proposal for new transmission line projects within the Northwest Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Transmission Corridor.

On March 11, 2021, Peel Regional Council approved a resolution strongly opposing any and all advanced construction associated with preparations for a GTA West 413 highway and Transmission Corridor and strongly opposing in principle the construction of any transportation corridor traversing the Region of Peel, but specifically the currently proposed GTA West 413 highway and Northwest GTA Transmission Corridor (Resolution 2021-291). The Ministry’s proposal to change the voltage and distance thresholds for new transmission lines that require a comprehensive (individual) environmental assessment is not consistent with Regional Council’s position if the proposal results in reducing the EA process requirements for new transmission line projects within the Transmission Corridor.

If the Northwest GTA Transmission Corridor proceed to the EA stage, the Region is seeking clarification as to whether the project will be proceeding in accordance with the more streamlined Class EA requirements as this project will potentially have significant environmental impacts and require careful planning and design in order to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts to the greatest extent possible.