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PROPSALS FOR 83 B and 83 C. as proposed in item #10

This regulation amendment regarding #10 is flawed, biased and not based on fact.

It proposes to give the islands of Hay and Griffiths , an earlier rifle season. Why?

The Island of White Cloud is also privately owned by many who hunt. They should benefit from the same amendment considering proximity and relative transient deer populations and private ownership.

Property owners on White Cloud Island are not huge corporations but private people who own land on a private island. Why are we not being considered for the same regulation change.

3 lots in the north end of white Cloud are owned by cape croker natives who can hunt anytime.

Simply put, if you don't own land on White Cloud or are an invited guest, you're not hunting there.

The obvious contentious issue is Griffiths. Do members own land or shares, either way, what's good for 2 is good for 3 (islands)!

The 3 Islands are within spitting distance of each other.

Hay Island may very well have minimum herd numbers due to the previous owner introducing European pigs. I have seen them and the demise of the deer population there is common knowledge, even featured in the local paper in the recent past. So the statement ," to better manage the deer is ridiculous."

It appears highly biased that 2 islands, involving large corporations and big money are being favored while the 3rd Island is being ignored.

I may add that the Nov hunt is risky as the weather is downright treacherous, or didn't anyone ever hear of the Edmund Fitzgerald?

The most amazingly faultly statement concerns Hay Island due to the impact of the pigs.

I dare say, White Cloud Island has more deer or as many as Griffiths and likely more than Hay. It needs management in order to continue a healthy herd. So these weak and unfounded statements supporting the proposal are shallow indeed.

Maybe get your local C.O.'S to gather reliable information on this matter in order to make an informed and fact based proposal instead of an act of

I am a resident nearby and for 35 years, give or take, have been part of family property on White Cloud Island. I hunt every year there.

This proposal in item #10 is nothing but someone catering to big money and ignoring others who have spent their own money. It is a biased and blatant example of favoritism.

For reference, I have copied the contentious item:

Start the existing rifles, shotguns, muzzle-loading guns and bows seasons in WMUs 83B and 83C on October 1.
This proposed change will allow the hunt clubs on these small, privately-owned islands to better manage the islands deer populations and increase opportunity for clients and club members.

Either grant the same season to all 3 islands or leave it as is.