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When the Region of Peel adopted its new Official Plan, the Plan designated the lands located at 12862 and 12489 Dixie Road in the Town of Caledon as “Urban” but more specifically as “Employment Area” on Schedule E-4 (see attached Figure 1 and Figure 2, respectively). Although the Regional Official Plan is intended to be a macro planning tool, the Region did not consider property boundaries, and therefore they did not extend the “Employment Area” designation to the east property line for both properties.

Through our discussions with the Region, the Region indicated that the Regional OP is a macro planning tool, and it is up to the municipality to refine the exact boundaries through their local planning processes. This is further confirmed through Section 7 (Implementation) of the Region’s OP. It is our preference that both the Region’s Official Plan and Town Official Plan recognize the intended Employment designation for the entirety of the property.

In any case, as a response to the Regional Official Plan submission to the Ministry, I believe the Town of Caledon has now forwarded to the Ministry a revised Schedule A – Caledon’s Growth Concept, that shows the “Employment Area” extending all the way east property lines for the (see Figure 3) properties (as well as other changes to the mapping, as per the Town of Caledon). Consequently, since the Town of Caledon has requested that the Minister modify the Region of Peel’s Official Plan to reflect Caledon Growth Concept (Schedule A), Tribal would also request that the Minister modify Schedule E-4 to the Region of Peel’s new Official Plan to match the proposed Schedule A – Caledon’s Growth Concept mapping for the properties located at 12862 and 12489 Dixie Road as indicated in the attached Figure 3.

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