October 5, 2022 Jennifer Le…

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October 5, 2022

Jennifer Le
Municipal Services Office - Central Ontario
16th floor
777 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
M7A 2J3


Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

Re: Comment on new Peel Region Official Plan
Ministry Reference Number: 21-OP-215276 ERO Number: 019-5535 2077-2105 Royal Windsor Drive, City of Mississauga

This comment is submitted on behalf of CRW 1 LP and CRW 2 LP (the “Owner”), the owner of the lands municipally addressed as 2077-2105 Royal Windsor Drive, in the City of Mississauga (the “Site”). The Site is within the lands that are covered by the new Peel Region Official Plan that was adopted by Peel Region on April 28, 2022 by By-law 20-2022 (the “ROP”) which is now before the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for a decision.

The Site

The Site is located on the west side of Southdown Road and north side of Royal Windsor Drive, south of the Clarkson GO Station and within the proposed Clarkson Major Transit Station Area which is proposed as a Primary Major Transit Station Area (PMTSA). The Site presents an important opportunity to leverage transit-oriented development to meet community needs and the Province’s aspirational target to build 1.5 million new homes that will help keep housing costs down for families. Fundamental to achieving the best community outcomes is ensuring that sufficient density, height and use permissions are authorized by the ROPA for the Site.


The ROP is a key opportunity for the Region of Peel and the Province of Ontario to achieve important objectives like building housing supply that meets homeownership demand, improving sustainability, and promoting economic growth. Provincial policy directs that PMTSAs are to have a sufficient density and mix of land uses that efficiently use land and are transit supportive, including active transportation and the planned transit infrastructure. Areas like the Site require policies within the ROP that promote and require significant intensification while allowing flexibility to account for specific location considerations. An official plan ought to set a long-term vision that is consistent with the Province’s policies and a framework to achieve that vision.

The Province’s housing objectives will be best supported if the ROP provides the Site with a policy framework that allows for significant intensification that is in keeping with its locational advantages that will allow it to anchor a complete transit-oriented community. That will require flexible employment lands policies that permit residential uses, substantial density minimums with no density maximum, no restrictions on height, and no minimum parking requirements. Further, it is necessary that the ROP be structured so that the City of Mississauga will not be able to place more restrictive requirements on the Site through its Official Plan and implementing Zoning By-laws as noted under Regional policy


1. That the Site be removed from the Employment Area designation on Schedule E-4 of the ROP;

2. That policy of the ROP be amended so that no maximum density may be established by the local municipality for each Major Transit Station Area;

3. That policy of the ROP be amended so that no maximum height may be established by the local municipality for each Major Transit Station Area; and,

4. That the ROP be amended to preclude the implementation of any mandatory minimum parking requirements within the Clarkson Major Transit Station Area

We ask the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to consider our above comments and concerns while making a decision on the ROP.

Veronica Green