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Alvit Developments Inc., is the owner of a vacant 10.97 acre property legally described as Part 9 on 43R-31997 and addressed as 33 Pillsworth Road. The property is located on the west side of Highway 50 north of Mayfield Road and has frontage on the east side of Pillsworth Road and an unnamed road per the attached Location Map.
The site is currently located within the Provincially Significant Employment Zone and is designated as employment use area in both the Region of Peel and Town of Caledon land use plans. This site is located at a prominent gateway location for the Town and Caledon and specifically the Bolton Settlement Area.
The site has convenient access to municipal services and is located adjacent to higher order land uses inclusive of residential and commercial. There is a demonstrated need for housing and a variety of unit types in the municipality. This property is considered to be an ideal location that is vacant and immediately available to address these critical land use planning matters without delay.
We are requesting that a site specific policy for this property be included in the Peel Region Official Plan that would provide for mixed use residential land uses and further study work to be completed at the local municipal level which demonstrates:
a) Land use compatibility as related to noise, odour and dust.