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Glen Schnarr & Associated Inc. (GSAI) are the planning consultants to 33HC TAS LP, 33HC Corp, 3168HS LP and 3168HS Corp. (the ‘Owner’) of the lands municipally known as 25 Hillcrest Avenue and 3154 Hurontario Street, in the City of Mississauga (the ‘Subject Lands’ or ‘Site’). As demonstrated on the Context Map on the next page, the Subject Lands are located on the west side of Hurontario Street, south of John Street and north of Hillcrest Avenue. The Site is within the Downtown Mississauga Urban Growth Centre, immediately adjacent to the Cooksville GO Station and the planned Hurontario Light Rail
Transit (‘HuLRT’) network as well as within walking distance of the planned Dundas Bus Rapid Transit (‘BRT’) network. Overall, the Site is well-served by existing and planned higher order transit services and the proposed Region of Peel Official Plan (‘ROP’) has included the Subject Lands within the Cooksville GO Major Transit Station Area (‘MTSA’) – a Primary MTSA (Schedule E-5, Major Transit Station Areas).

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