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No change in authority should be made to the Status of Conservation Authorities. Their scope was laid out specifically to determine whether or not land should be conserved, specifically so that as housing pressure mounted critical drainage and biodiversity systems of watercourses would not be impacted.

Huge swaths of Toronto proper and the GTA remain zoned R1 zoned where quadhousing and duplexes would fit without altering the street scape. Use the province's authority under CIHA to upzone along new rapid transit routes such as the durham-Scarborough BRT or Line 5. No business would invest into public transit and then incentivize housing that doesn't leverage it. Improve our provinces financial position by encouraging dense urban corridors that reduce servicing and infrastructure cost, while increasing transit ridership.

If you have run out of room for development without cannibalizing conservation zones, then very clearly you are working with a failure of a housing model.