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The Massasauga is an important part of Ontario’s biodiversity. I want to make sure this species persists for future generations. I fully support the measures outlined in the draft Government Response Statement. In particular, I feel that more than just habitat protection will be needed to recover the Carolinian population. Population management, including re-introductions, will likely be necessary and I support the actions proposed in the Government Response Statement.

I recall as a pre-teen (1970's) a friend whose family vacationed in northern Ontario and who spent many hours killing Massasauga rattlesnakes as a enjoyable pass time. I was horrified then. Just last year (2017) I spoke with a man whose wealthy friend built a cabin on a small island somewhere in the Massasaguaga's range. He too recounted how they spent time killing rattlesnakes because it would be too dangerous for their children otherwise. I explained how it was wrong and illegal to do so, and he shrugged me off as a bleeding heart who cares more for animals than humans. So, as much as we create further legal protections for these shy creatures, humans are ignorant, in the truest sense of the word, and will continue to kill anything they perceive as dangerous. How will you educate people? How will you enforce the law?