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Your proposals for renewable energy process are counter productive and have no merit but to support outdated energy production. The basis of your proposal is that an energy developer has to "prove" there is a need for the power, do the nuclear providers need to show this and fight in auction with their price as well before getting refurbishment or operating dollars? Bruce for example is outsourced to a third party but on a publicly owned asset. There are a ton of costs still paid for from the general tax pool.
Home owners, businesses, and third party developers (which includes co-ops and municipalities) should be allowed to offset their usage. By enacting the proposed process you are adding to the cost, amount of red tape, both things the entire rest of the civilized world are fighting to reduce for renewables. It is almost to the point if you have expendable cash, taking yourself off the grid would be a cost viable alternative, and you may see this happening if you don't work with the people instead of making it harder.