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The goal of transit and commuting, linking Toronto to Waterloo is not seen in this proposal.

While local transit for LRT and densities around the stations seems balanced, the transit mostly used by employees from Toronto to Waterloo and vice versa is heavily missing and unaccounted for.

Priority should be given to the Go Transit corridors to create job opportunities in this economic recovery. Appropriate boundary expansion to accommodate the immigration forecast demands Breslau Go Station and the Airport to be given priority for densities. The ideas to build up matters in this context in a generous fashion, otherwise the housing shortages and crisis will still be kicked down the road.

It is common sense to also build out, instead of the dream to build a nature Utopia filled with homelessness, affordability crisis and encampment. Country sidelines will always be a contentious issues as we are growing fast and need to put people somewhere for the next 30 years.

I encourage looking at TOC in Breslau as it remains the key to a Surburban Station, Commercial and Community.